Zack Gold as the ultimate badass Kenny Wayne

We ride together, we die together.
— Kenny Wayne

Zack Gold stars as Kenny Wayne, the ambitious, yet untalented son of a hunting show guru who struggles to live up to his father's expectations through his fast-paced show called, "Who Gives a Buck?" 

Cathan Bordyn as cameraman Steve

Did he just quote Michael Bay?
— Steve

Cathan Bordyn stars as Steve, an easygoing cameraman who desperately tries to hold the mismatched crew together.  

Briana Chicha as aspiring dubstep artist Alex

Oh snap.
— Alex

Briana Chicha co-stars as Alex, an aspiring dubstep artist, who lives paycheck-to-paycheck recording sound for second-rate reality/outdoors TV shows. 

Scott C. Brown as expert tracker Remmy

That’s the ticket!
— Remmy

Scott C. Brown plays Remmy, an opportunist looking to make his next fistful of cash. He happily accepts his role as a local tracker and guide for "Who Gives a Buck?"


Jon Lee as legendary hunter Jenkins Wayne

Like I give two rabbit turds on a stick.
— Jenkins Wayne

Jon Lee plays Jenkins, a hard-nosed outdoorsman who gained fame for his amazing tracking and marksmanship skills on a hunting TV show. Now, he attempts to keep his son from screwing up the family legacy.